Which of the following was least likely to be an aim of the Sons of Liberty?


Answer 1
to engage in violent conflict with imperial officials
Answer 2

is there any answer

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Is this a testable question how many moons does Jupiter have why or why not


No, there is only 1 distinct answer to the problem. rather have a question that can be measures through time like full moon cycles
Lately, this question has had a changing answer! For many years, we knew of 16 moons for the largest planet in our solar system. In the last few years, about two dozen new moons have been announced by astronomers I. However, being announced does not mean that these become "official" moons of the planet. To be recognized by the scientific community as a new moon involves a process which may take several years - and some announced objects never get recognized at all! Let's explain.

When a scientist makes observations which indicate a new moon, they submit their data and analysis to the scientific community.


When should you look for a bank or credit union that offers the Lowest interest rates?


When you need to borrow money (through a loan, a mortgage, etc.) you should look for the lowest interest rates.

An interest rate is the amount charged for the loan, which is calculated as a proportion of its total amount or principal. It is the profit of the lender.

If, on the other hand, you act as a lender by depositing your savings in a bank or on any investment fund, you would seek the highest interest rates offered as in this case the interest is your retribution.


What does "off the record" mean? information that comes from an official during a press conference

information that cannot be attributed to a source

information that comes from an official via a press release

information that cannot be published at all


Off the record by definition means not made as an official or attributable statement. Having the answer to this question be the second statement.

the idea that nothing could stop americans from extending their way of life between the atlantic and the pacific oceans is referred to as american imperialism manifest destiny colonial expansionism civil rights


The idea that nothing could stop Americans from extending their way of life between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans is referred to as Manifest Destiny. 

President Monroe issued the Monroe Doctrine because he worried that the _____. Select the best answer from the choices provided. 1. revolutions of South America would succeed. 2. British would not protect America with their fleet. 3. kings of Europe would place large armies in the Americas. 4. era of good feelings would not continue


The Monroe Doctrine was created because President Monroe felt that European countries were trying to colonize North and South America too much. The Doctrine expressly states that further efforts by European nations to colonize land or interfere with states in North or South America would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring U.S. intervention.


2 adjectives that describe the black hawk


2 adjectives to describe is dark and mysterious or sneaking and mischevious

An adjective describes something. 
A black hawk is very sneaky and slick. 

Here are some adjectives:-

- Slick 
- Creepy
- Sneaky
- Fast
- efficient 
- Smooth


Cartography is the art of designing?


no its the practice of drawing maps

Good try, Cartography is when you draw maps of the world

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William Shakespeare's success was due in part to a. the Italian Renaissance.
b. the prosperity enjoyed during Queen Elizabeth's reign.
c. the cultural exchange created by global exploration.
d. the European Middle Ages.



b. the prosperity enjoyed during Queen Elizabeth's reign.


William Shakespeare was an English dramatist, poet and actor. Sometimes known as the Bard of Avon (or simply the Bard), Shakespeare is considered the most important writer in the English language and one of the most celebrated of universal literature. Shakespeare was a poet and playwright already revered in his time, but his reputation did not reach the current high levels until the nineteenth century. The romantics, in particular, hailed his genius, and the Victorians worshiped Shakespeare with a devotion that George Bernard Shaw called "bardolatry."

His success as a playwright depended on the part upon royal patronage.
which was the support of the queen and royals


The president writes a plan budget with the help of_____. 1.the office of management and budget.
2.the House appropriations committee.
3.the senate appropriations committee
4.The u.s. trreasury department


The president writes a plan budget with the help of THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET. 
The Office of the Management and Budget is the largest office in the presidential cabinet and its principal responsibility is to produce the budget of the president. The director of the section report directly to the president. The congress has to approve the budget before it can become valid. 
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