________ interpretation is one of the oldest forms of communication. a. Written
c. Oral
b. Reading
d. none of these


Answer 1
Answer: Oral would be the correct answer

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How would plants in humid cold climates and humid equatorial climates differ


Plants in humid cold climates will be those that do not require much water and the amount of vegetation in such a climate will be very less; whereas, the humid equatorial climate will have an increased amount of vegetation in the society.

What is the significance of a humid climate?

A humid climatic condition can be referred to or considered as a condition specific to a geographical region. There are mainly two types of humid climates, i.e., humid cold climate and humid equatorial climate. An equatorial climate receives more rainfall throughout the year.

As a result of the less rainfall received in the regions with humid cold climates, the plantation is less in comparison to those in the humid equatorial climates with a significantly higher amount of rainfall.

Therefore, the significance regarding a humid climate has been aforementioned.

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Mediterranean climates have warm summers and short, mild, rainy winters.

What is the cause and effect of the stamp act


the stamp act caused rebelion and protesting throughout the colonies. also colonists boycotted British things, tarred and feathered British Soldiers, and resented British government including Parliment.

What's drip irrigation


Drip irrigation is an irrigation technique that has as its aim to save the water: only the necessary amount of water is released and the water is applied in a matter that directs it directly to the plant's roots.

The key characteristics of this method is, as the name suggests, dripping. The water drips at a pace which can be regulated, which means that at no point is the water is poured in abundance, which usually  leads to large portions of water evaporating.

Two important issues in corporate governance are (1) the rules that cover the board's ability to fire the CEO and (2) the rules that cover the CEO's ability to remove members of the board. True or false?






Larry was arrested for not following traffic rules, and almost caused some damage. Further, he could not produce a driving license when a police officer asked for it. What could be Larry’s crime classified as? A.
a felony
a misdemeanor
a violation
an attempt


i would say c

because he driving without a liscence

hope this helps:)sorry if doesnt

it depends on the state's laws but usually driving w/o a license is B.  a misdemeanor


4. How would a symbolic interactionist describe the experience of aging? How does this differ from the other two sociological approaches? (6 points)


The correct answer is; they believe that aging is something that the person perceives themselves to be based on their culture.

Further Explanation:

According to the symbolic interactionist age is only a "socially constructed" thing. They believe that certain age groups behavior is based on how society sees them to be.

There are different perspectives on aging all over the world, they believe this proves their theory that age is only a "socially constructed" thing. Many cultures do celebrate people of old age and respect and revere any one who reaches an age more than 90.

In the United States, people do not believe old age starts until around the age  of 60 or 70. However, there are places in the world such as, Chad,  where the age of 30 is when a person is middle aged since the life expectancy there is so low at 49.

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Which areas did Rome control after the Punic Wars?


Western Meditterian Sea, most of Spain and the western half of North Africa

Explain the moral hazard problems inherent in responding to a crisis


The moral hazard issue with responding to a crisis is that once individuals discover that you may safeguard them out, they may continue going out on a limb and putting themselves in trouble later on accepting they will dependably be ransomed. There will dependably be a moral hazard issue for the giver of final resort, for example, the IMF. On the off chance that the cost of failure is evacuated, the incentive for within budgetary establishments to avoid potential risk and to act dependable is likewise expelled.


Who or what brought iron weapons to the Greeks???

Please help!


Greeks were invaded by warlike Dorian invaders who brought iron weapons with them. Sea Peoples brought iron weapons to the Greeks

What was the first civilization to use iron weapons?

Iron was first employed by the Mesopotamian states as early as 3000 BCE, but it wasn't until approximately 1000 BCE that iron weapons began to replace bronze ones on a large scale. In Mesopotamia and the Near East throughout the Iron Age, the development of iron smelting was a gradual process.

It is believed that the Sea Peoples, who were a confederation of seafaring raiders from the eastern Mediterranean, brought iron weapons to the Greeks during the Late Bronze Age. The Sea Peoples were known to have used iron weapons in their raids, which began in the 13th century BCE and continued for several centuries.

It is thought that the Greeks may have acquired iron weapons from the Sea Peoples through trade or through conquest, as they were a significant military power at the time. Iron weapons gradually replaced bronze weapons in Greece during the Iron Age, which began around 1100 BCE.

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The Dorians brought iron weapons.
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