The neck length was recorded for 5 different giraffes.each measurement has been rounded to the nearest 1/2 foot .measuments:5 4 1/2 6 5 6 1/2 . How much longer are the two longest necks than the two shortest necks?


Answer 1


Answer: Difference between two longest and two shortest necks is 3 foot.

Step-by-step explanation:

Five giraffes having five different neck lengths as

Giraffe (1) = 5 foot

Giraffe (2) = 4.5 foot

Giraffe (3) = 6 foot

Giraffe (4) = 5 foot

Giraffe (5) = 6.5 foot

Now in the given question difference between two longest necks and two shortest necks were asked.

So total length of tow necks are Giraffe(3)+Giraffe(5)= 6+6.5 = 12.5 foot

Now total length of two shortest necks are Giraffe(2)+Giraffe(1) or Giraffe(4)= 4.5+5 = 9.5 foot

Difference between two longest and two shortest necks will be = 12.5-9.5 =3 foot.

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A million seconds is not that long.  My next birthday is in  1,296,000  seconds
from now, and I have already lived more than  2.3 billion seconds !

(1,000,000 seconds) x (1 day / 86,400 seconds) =

                 11days 13hours 46minutes 40seconds .

It's possible that you might have one birthday within that length of time,
but it's not guaranteed.  It would have to be the RIGHT million seconds.

If that's been your whole life so far ... you are 1 million seconds old ..,
then you have not had your first birthday yet.

You will only be 11.57 days old. 
Arguably, however old we are, we only have one 'birthday' which is the day of our birth. What is referred to as our first birthday is actually the the first anniversary of our birth and subsequent ones are the relevant anniversaries our birth. 

For each of the three ionic compounds, select which main group X belongs to. a.)X3PO4 b.)CaX2 c.)X2(SO4)3


A) First because it has a valency of +1

b) Seventh because it has a valency of -1

c) Third because it has a valency of +3

Is 2/5 less than 1/2


Yes, by .10.
Hope it helps!
American photographer Edward Steichen purchased the sculpture Bird in Space while in Paris, France. What occurred when he tried to turn to the United States with the sculpture?
It helps to find a common denominator:
2/5 x 2/2 = 4/10
1/2 x 5/5 = 5/10

2/5 = 4/10
1/2 = 5/10

From this, we can see that 2/5 is less than 1/2.

2/5 < 1/2

A child born today will see more than _____________ advertisements in their life. 50,000
3 billion
1 million


The answer would be 1 million because if the average person lives to be 70 multiply that by 2000 and you get 51100000 so I would say that total is closer to 1 million then it is to 3 billion

What would you have to do to change 10 cubic feeet into cubic inches



You would multiply by 1728.

So 10 cubic feet = 10 * 1728 = 17,280 cubic inches.

Step-by-step explanation:

There are  12 inches in a foot so there are 12^3 = 1728 cubic inches in a cubic foot.


a rational function, a value is _________ from the domain if it would create a 0 in the function's denominator.


I would fill that blank in as exempt, meaning not included, since any value that creates a 0 in a function's denominator is undefined on the graph.

You buy 3 pairs of jeans for $35.95 each and get a fourth pair for free. What is the cost of per pair of jeans?



You buy 3 pairs of jeans for $35.95 each

get a fourth pair for free.

Find out  the cost of per pair of jeans

To proof

As given in the question

You buy 3 pairs of jeans for $35.95 each

Total cost of the jeans = 3 ×35.95

                                       = $ 107.85

As given in the equation

get a fourth pair for free

than total pair of jeans becomes 4.

cost of per pair of jeans is $ 26.96 .

Hence proved


The x and y coordinates have a opposite signs.


yes i know that who wouldn't



Holly missed 7 of 180 days this year. Approximately what percent of school days was Holly in school?


Hi There!

Since there are 180 school days and Holly missed 7 then she attended  days.

So, to find out the percent of school days she attended school you have to divide  173/180, 173 represents school days she attended or numerator, and 180 represents total school days the denominator. Once you divide 173/180 you should get  0.96111111111, but if you round it, the answer will be 96%.


1. Divide 173/180= 0.96111111111

2. Round you're answer  0.96111111111

Final Answer- Holly attended 96% percent of school days.

Hope This Helps:)


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