Is social stability worth the price ? In brave new world


Answer 1
Answer: No because people are emotionally stable and their health isn’t stable because of it. No one I’m Brave New World has any freedom and they can’t think for themselves. They do not know what real love is(they do not feel this emotion)

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Excerpt from Seaplanes Roberto Barerra

2 Flying boats have a fuselage, or body, that looks and acts like a ship’s hull. This hull enables them to float on water very easily. Two small floats underneath its wings keep the flying boat stable in rough water. These seaplanes are usually larger and more stable on water than floatplanes are. A floatplane is a seaplane that has two long floats, called pontoons, under the fuselage. This is the only part of the plane that touches the water. Unlike flying boats, floatplanes often come in a wide variety of sizes. An amphibious vehicle can be either a flying boat or a floatplane with wheels. This allows the aircraft to land on both land and water.

 Which BEST describes the purpose of paragraph 2?

A)to explain how seaplanes are usedB)to encourage people to use seaplanesC)to list all of the types of seaplanesD)to describe the different parts of seaplanes



its D she was right


Answer: D) To describe the different parts of seaplanes

Explanation: I did it on usatestprep


Targeting a person's fears is an appeal to


Emotion. Fear is a feeling that, while can be fueled by logic, is still in itself an emotion. When you target a persons fear you are using their emotions.
The answer is appeal to emotion 

Which of the following is an example of a random sampling? The school newspaper asks teachers in that middle school how they feel about the behavior of twelve year old boys.

The manager of a restaurant asks customers their opinion on a new salad dressing.

A national survey company picks one phone number from each area code in America to call and ask for an opinion on current political issues.

Migrant workers are surveyed on their opinion of mandatory health insurance for companies.


I'm going to go with the following: A national survey company picks one phone number from each area code in America to call and ask for an opinion on current political issues.

The reason I went with this option is because in statistic terms people are chosen from a larger group making them a subset. The individuals are being chosen randomly but yet the individuals all have the same likelihood  of being chosen as anyone in the subset group.

Hopefully this helps and makes sense.


What is 10 times as much as 0.8


The answer to 10×.08 =8 hope it help u
0.8 x 10 =8 is the answer.

Read the excerpt from "On Becoming an Inventor" by Dean Kamen. I didn't officially graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute until years later when I was awarded their honorary Ph.D. By then I'd created and patented many successful inventions.

What conclusion can be drawn from the details in this excerpt?

Although he did not graduate from college, Kamen became very successful in his field.

Kamen wishes he had not left college and instead graduated with all of his peers.
Obtaining a college degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute is very difficult.

Kamen was delighted when he received an honorary Ph.D. from his old college.


The correct option is: Although he did not graduate from college, Kamen became very succesful in his field.

Dean Kamen was born in 1951 in New York. His most salient inventions were the iBot wheelchair and the Segway. He is also well-known for creating FIRST which means For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. This program is aimed at fostering people to get involved in these areas.

Kamen achieved many of these inventions being an undergraduate and he even received an award from U.S President Bill Clinton by 2000. Moreover, in 2005 he was included in the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


Although he did not graduate from college, Kamen became very succesful in his field.





heroism is the correct answer


Superman; Superhuman, extraordinary. Is that what you where looking for I'm not quite sure what you mean, are there answer choices?

Why does character motivation matter? a. It affects how characters react to conflict.
b. It determines the syntax of a work of literature.
c. It distracts from the diction in a work of literature.
d. It generates stories that lack a traditional plot.


The correct answer is A. it affects how characters react to conflict.

Motivation in literary works is what makes certain characters do certain action, how they are going to behave, what they are going to do, and ultimately, how they deal with various situations. Based on your motivation, you are going to react to conflict one way or another.

I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option A. A character motivation matters because it affects how characters react to conflict. Character motivation is a reason why a certain character acts in that way. Hope this answers the question.

Identify two major world religions that began in the eastern hemisphere .


1 is Buddhism and second is Hinduism

What is the fundamental characteristic of a literary analysis essay? It is interpretive.
It is a narrative.
It is a report.
Its thesis cannot be debated.


The best and most correct answer among the choices provided by your question is the third choice.

The fundamental characteristic of a literary analysis essay is that it is a narrative.

I hope my answer has come to your help. Thank you for posting your question here in Brainly. We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead!
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