Chelsea buys 8 packs of markers which each pack contains the same number of markers Chelsa gives 10 markers to her brother then she has a 54 markers left how many markers were in each pack


Answer 1


i needed points sorry

Step-by-step explanation:

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Which of the following volumes represent a perfect cube? CHECK ALL THAT APPLY. A. 1 in.3
B. 4 in.3
C. 8 in.3
D. 12 in.3
E. 25 in.3
F. 27 in.3
G. 64 in.3


The volumes that represent perfect cubes are A ) 1 inch³, C) 8 inch³, F) 27 inch³ and G) 64 inch³.

What is meant by Perfect Cubes?

Perfect cubes are defined as the number which is the result of the multiplication of another number, likely integers, to itself three times.

For example, 8 = 2 × 2 × 2

So 8 is a perfect cube of 2.

Given are a set of volumes in cubes.

A ) 1 inch³ can be written as 1 inch × 1 inch × 1 inch

So it is a perfect cube.

B) 4 inch³ cannot be written as the product of a number thrice.

So not a perfect cube.

C) 8 inch³ = 2 inch × 2 inch × 2 inch

Perfect cube

D) 12 inch³ not a perfect cube.

E) 25 inch³ not a perfect cube

F) 27 inch³ = 3 inch × 3 inch × 3 inch

Perfect cube

G) 64 inch³ = 4 inch × 4 inch × 4 inch

Perfect cube

Hence the perfect cubes are found.

Learn more about Perfect Cubes here :


Answer: A C F G

Step-by-step explanation:


If 3^2x+1 = 3^x+5, what is the value of x? 2 3 4 6


Answer: 4

Step-by-step explanation:

Here the given expression is,

We can write,

(Because )

⇒   ( Subtracting x on both sides)

⇒         ( Subtracting 1 on both sides)

⇒ Fourth Option is correct.


Choice C is the answer.

Step-by-step explanation:

We have given a equation.

We have to find the value of x.

We use following property to solve this question.

⇒ a = b

Using above property,we get

2x+1 = x+5

Adding -x to both sides of above equation,we get

-x+2x+1 = -x+x+5

x+1 = 5

Adding -1 to both sides of above equation,we get

x+1-1 = 5-1

x = 4 which is the answer.


Use a parametrization to express the area of the surface s as a double integral. then, evaluate the integral to find the area of the surface. s is the portion of the plane y + 3 z = 2 inside the cylinder x^2 + y^2 = 1.


The cylinder gives you a hint as to where to start with a parameterization . A sensible choice would be to set

so that

with and . Then

so the surface element is

So the area of the surface is


If €1 is with £0.89, and £1.00 is worth ¥48, what is ¥256 in €?


I don't know where to find those number on my keyboard so I will subsitute
and 1y=48z

first find conversion factor from z to x

subsitute 48z for y in first equation
divide both sides by 42.72

256z is wanted so
multiply both sides by 256
x/1 times 256/42.72=256z

there are aprox 5.99x in 256z or about 6

An ice cream cone has a radius of 4 inches and a height of 9 inches. What is the exact value of the volume of the ice cream cone?


this is a formula if it is a right angle cone
π(4)^2 (9)/3
exponent, 4^2 then times by π
after times by (9/3)=

I think, double check and see if right

A wire 360 in. long is cut into two pieces. one piece is formed into a square and the other into a circle. if the two figures have the same area, what are the lengths of the two pieces of wire (to the nearest tenth of an inch)?


180. so when you dived 360 into 2 it gives you 180 because 3 goes into 2 once and then that give you one then you drop down the 6 and that gives you 0 then you drop the 0 then you put one 0 on top so that equels 180 ta da!!!!!!!

The physician tells a woman who usually drinks 5 cups of coffee daily to cut down on her coffee consumption by 75%. If this woman is compliant with the physician's instruction, how many ounces of coffee is she allowed daily?


A women is allowed to have 10 ounces of coffee daily.

What is a percentage?

A percent is a number of ratio expressed as a fractionof 100.

It is often denoted using the sign ''%''.

Now,it is given that Coffee consumed by women each day = 5 cups

Since 1 cup takes 8 ounces of coffee.

Therefore, 5 cups = 5 x 8 ounces

⇒5 cups = 40 ounces

Now required percentage of reduction = 75%

So Required ounces of coffee reduction  = 75% of 40 ounces

⇒Required ounces of coffee reduction = 75/100* 40 ounces

⇒Required ounces of coffee reduction  = 30 ounces

Therefore ounces of coffee women is allowed to take = 40-30 ounces

                                                                                           = 10 ounces

Hence the women is allowed to have 10 ounces of coffee.

More about percentage :


1 cup=8 ounces


Each day the women drinks 40 oz of coffee.


Thus, if the women complies to the physician's instructions, she can drink 10oz or about 1.25 cups of coffee daily.


-19 as a decimal
Please answer ASAP!
Thank you!



-19 cannot become a decimal because it is a whole number, but what you can do is write it as a fraction: -19/1

Step-by-step explanation:


if i could clarify it a bit more because right -19 cant be a decimal

Step-by-step explanation:


The bacterial strain Acinetobacter has been tested for its adhesion properties, which is believed to follow a normal distribution. A sample of five measurements gave readings of 2.69, 5.76, 2.67, 1.62 and 4.12 dyne-cm. Assume that the standard deviation is known to be 0.7 dyne-cm_2 and that the scientists are interested in high adhesion (at least 2.66 dyne-cm^2)(a) Should the alternative hypothesis be one-sided or two-sided? Write down the null and alternative hypotheses.(b) Based on your answer to part (a), test the hypothesis to see if the mean adhesion is at least 2.66 dyne-cm_2 (Use the p-value approach) What can be concluded?



a) Alternative hypothesis should be one sided. Because Null and Alternative hypotheses are:

: μ=2.66 dyne-cm.

: μ

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