Considerable scientific work is currently under way to determine whether weak oscillating magnetic fields such as those found near outdoor electric power lines can affect human health. One study indicated that a magnetic field of magnitude 1.40 ✕ 10^−3 T, oscillating at 60 Hz, might stimulate red blood cells to become cancerous. If the diameter of a red blood cell is 7.8 μm, determine the maximum emf that can be generated around the perimeter of the cell.


Answer 1


The the maximum emf is


Given that,

Magnetic field

Frequency = 60 Hz

Diameter = 7.8 μm

We need to calculate the maximum emf

Using formula of emf

Where, N = number of turns

B= magnetic field

A = area

Put the value in to the formula

Hence, The the maximum emf is

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How does the brightness of a bulb tell you about the energy of electrons passing through it?


The brightness of the bulb doesn't tell you anything about the energy of the
electrons passing through it.

It tells you how much total energy is lost by the total flow of electrons through
the bulb.  You can't tell what part of that is due to a large or small number of
electrons, or what part of it is due to each electron losing a large or small amount
of energy on the way through. 


Which of the following best describes alternating current? current that increases and decreases in temperature current that constantly turns on and off current in which charges change direction current that gains and loses electrons


The following best describes alternating current, Charge that jiggles  back and forth very quickly.

What increases or decreases alternating current?

A transformer is a machine that either boosts or reduce the voltage of alternating current.

Step-up transformer rises the voltage of alternating current whereas step-down transformer reduces the voltage of alternating current.

Thus, Alternating current is an electric current that peroidically reverses direction.

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Answer: Charge that jiggles  back and forth very quickly.

Explanation: Alternating current is an electric current that peroidically reverses direction  .



List several examples that show how electrical energy and light energy are useful to you


Electrical energy and light energy are useful to us in variety of ways from the machines used to make the food you eat to the energy to purify the water you drink. The clothes you wear are even dyed different colors from the light energy. 

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Two parallel plates are 1 cm apart and are connected to a 500 V source. What force will be exerted on a single electron half way between the plates?


Answer:8 *10 ^-15 N= 8 fN

Explanation: In order to solve this we have take into account the following expression:

V=E*d the potential is equal to electric field multiply the separation between the plates.

The we have

E=V/d= 500 V/0.01 m=50000 N/C

then the force is given by

F=e*E = 1.6 * 10 ^-19 C*50000 N/C=8*10^-15 N


1. What are three appliances in your house that use a motor that turns electrical energy into mechanical energy?


A vacuum is an electrical motor and which it  converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.


If a steam engine produces work, how does the internal energy of the machine change?


A heat engine typically uses energy provided in the form of heat to do work and then exhausts the heat which cannot be used to do work.   Since the internal energy of an ideal gas depends upon its temperature, the PV diagram along with the temperatures calculated from the ideal gas law determine the changes in the internal energy of the gas so that the amount of heat added can be evaluated from the first law of thermodynamics.

When two gears are mashed, the revolutions per minute (rpm) are inversely proportional to the number of gears


Not exactly.  The RPM is inversely proportional
to the number of teeth on the gears.

Note that in order for them to stay meshed, that'salso going to work out
to be the ratio of their radii.  Otherwise they won't stay engaged.

Gold is the most ductile of all metals. For example, one gram of gold can be drawn into a wire 2.05 km long. The density of gold is 19.3 ✕ 10^3 kg/m^3, and its resistivity is 2.44 ✕ 10^−8 Ω · m. What is the resistance of such a wire at 20.0°C?



Resistance of gold wire,


In this question we have given

Density of gold,

resistivity of gold,

Length of wire,


We know that relation between volume and density is given as

Therefore, volume occupied by one gram gold is given as,


We Know that Volume of gold wire which is cylindrical in shape is given by following formula




here A is the cross sectional area of cylendrical gold wire  

From equation 2 and 3

we got


on comparing equation 1 and equation 4, we got,

we know that resistance and resistivity are related by following formula,


Put values of resistivity, A and L in equation 5, we got

Therefore resistance of gold wire,

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