Water can exist in three states of matter. Imagine examining the changes of state from solid to liquid to gas by adding___ to ice.


Answer 1

Answer: by adding heat to ice.

Explanation: The three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas. Ice is water in solid state. When ice is heated, it melts and changes from solid state to liquid state. When more heat is applied to water in its liquid state, it boils and changes to vapour which is gas. Water vapour exists in gaseous state.

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Read the example letter below, and answer the question that follows. June 14, 2015
1234 Maplewood Lane
Sunnydale, MN 55003

Dear Courtney,

I hope you are doing well, and that your recent move to Sunnydale went smoothly. We all miss you greatly, but are excited for you to begin your new career in wildlife photography. I am writing to ask if you would consider writing a letter of reference for my application to the summer photography program at the local community college.

When applying to the program, I immediately thought of you as a potential reference. As my former supervisor, you have directly observed my passion for photography, and my willingness to learn more about the field. I believe that my time working with you at the photography studio was an excellent first step towards my future career in the field. The letter of reference will enable me to continue my growth and experience in photography.

I hope that you will consider writing the letter of reference, and I truly appreciate your consideration.


Samantha Carlotta

What is the above an example of?
friendly letter
business letter
letter of reference
request letter


Answer: Request letter.

Explanation: In the example given Samantha is writing a letter to Courtney, her former supervisor, asking her to write a reference letter. What Samantha is doing is a request so, the type of letter is a letter of request. It is not a letter of references because it is what Courtney is supposed to write. It is not a letter to a friend because they are not friends and the letter is quite formal. It is not a business letter because they are not working together anymore and because they are not talking about business.

It's a letter asking for a reference

Explain how the first three steps of scientific inquiry are related..


The first three scientific inquiry is being related because
 they are all equivalent to the facts of finding emission.

They develop a question that must be answered.
1. The first scientific inquiry is to pose a question or else a problem is being investigated.
2. The next step is the observation, and it helps to form a hypothesis which explains the phenomenon or effect of what is observed.

Scientific inquiry is the diverse ways in which scientist study the natural world and then propose the explanations which are based on evidence which is derived from their work. Also, students develop science ideas of knowledge and understanding how scientist they do study the natural world.

What best determines the health of a lake used as a source of freshwater?


temperature and pH yup yup
The number of pH, the closer the number it is from 7 the more fresh it is. If the pH is lower than 7, then it's acidic, and if the pH is higher than 7, then it is a base

What are the fundamental units of matter called?
a. gasesB. MoleculesC. AtomsD. Solids?


The correct answer is option C. i.e Atoms. Tthe fundamental unit of matter is an atom. Atoms are made of made of sub-atomic particles too but the smallest unit of life is considered as an atom. Atoms combine to form molecules and then molecules combine with different types of interactions to form solids, liquids or gases.

The correct answer is option C which is atoms.

  • Matter is made up of many tiny particles which are smallest units of matter. These units are known as atoms.
  • Many atoms combined to form a molecule.
  • These molecules are bonded to each other in different arrangement. Based on this arrangement, matter can be present in solid, liquid and gas form.
  • In solid atoms are tightly arranged while in liquid they are loosely arranged.


Ocean dumping of garbage is still a common practice in the world today. Which is a disadvantage to ocean dumping?




Ocean dumping of garbage is still a common practice in the world today and it is a serious threat to marine ecosystem and in turn harm other ecosystem .

The various types of dumping are

  1. Industrial Disposal
  2. E-waste
  3. Farming technology waste
  4. Radioactive waste

These waste causes the marine ecosystem to disturb causing the death of fish and other aquatic organism.This can further damage human ecosystem  as a part of society depends on marine organisms.Bio-magnification may cause to increase the toxicity in humans which is pass on to marine organism by waste disposal.

It can disrupt ocean life ecosystem.

Ocean dumping has advantages, however, or people simply wouldn't do it. Overall, the disadvantages are serious and long-term, and the advantages mostly relate to short-term profit margins

What is not a basic function of a cell


its destroying energy (for apex)

They are internal function of a cell and its important to our functions

Describe how the integumentary system responds to differences in sunlight


The integumentary system (skin) reacts different on different sun intensity (different length exposure to sun).

For example, moderate exposure to the sunlight contributes to the production of melanin and vitamin D by the body. On the other hand, high exposure to sunlight can have negative health effects such as sunburn, which is an inflammatory response to DNA damage caused by UV radiation.  


A karyotype is a picture of A. cytoplasm.
B. organelles.
C. chromosomes.
D. a cell.


Your answer would be C. chromosomes :)

Transpiration is the evaporation of water from brainly



leaves, steam and flowers


Transpiration occurs when the difference of pressure can take out some water out the plants.

It depends on the weather conditions like temperature, humidity, sunlight availability and intensity, precipitation, soil type and saturation, wind, and land slope.

Also it will vary from one type of plant to another, like the vascular and non vascular plants.

the answer is leaves

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