A reverse stock split is defined as a(n): a. increase in the number of shares outstanding.
b. company buying back existing shares of its stock on the open market.
c. company issuing additional shares to its existing shareholders.
d. decrease in the number of shares outstanding without affecting total owners' equity.
e. decrease in both the number of shares outstanding and the market price per share.


Answer 1
Answer: E. decrease in both number of shares outstanding and the market price per share

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A company has an investment project that would cost $10 million today and yield a payoff of $15 million in 4 years.


Is the question, what is the Annual Rate of Return?
15=10•e^4r --> ln (e^4r) = ln (3/2)
4r = 0.4055
r = 0.1014

Based on information in the Washington Post article "The retirement costs that are rising faster than Social Security benefits", identify which costs have increased faster than Social Security benefits since the year 2000.



The retirement costs are rising faster than social security benefits .


The various costs related to retirement are:

  • The travelling costs can increase as the retired people tend to travel often in their idle time.
  • The costs related entertainments increase as they have time to engage in their hobbies
  • Socialization costs: Socialization ends with eating out alot and this affects the wallet
  • Health insurance premiums
  • Medical expenses are increasing at a tremendous rate
  • The cost of medicines
  • Long term care : Continuing long term care is proving to be quite expensive for retired people
  • Copays and deductibles


Cindy Medavoy will invest $7,990 a year for 19 years in a fund that will earn 10% annual interest. Click here to view factor tables If the first payment into the fund occurs today, what amount will be in the fund in 19 years? If the first payment occurs at year-end, what amount will be in the fund in 19 years? (Round factor values to 5 decimal places, e.g. 1.25124 and final answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. 458,581.)



The correct answer for future value if first payment occur today is $449,645.24 and if first payment occur at the end of year is $408,761.13.


According to the scenario, the given data are as follows:

Payment (pmt) = $7,990

Rate of interest (r) = 10%

Time (n) = 19 years

So, we can calculate the future value by using following formula:

Future Value ( if payment occurs today) :

FV = Pmt  (((1+r)^n   - 1) ÷ r) x (1+r)

By putting the value:

= $7,990 ((( 1+ 0.10)^19   -1) ÷ .10) × ( 1 + 0.10)

= $7,990 ( 51.16) × ( 1.10)

= $449,645.24

Future Value ( if payment occurs at the end of year):

FV = Pmt x ((1+r)^n   -1)) ÷ r)

= $7,990 ((1 + 0.10)^19  -1) ÷ 0.10)

= $7,990 × 51.16

= $408,761.13


Which country is a good example of a high present rate of investment and a low present rate of consumer goods consumption?





India is a country with an emerging economy that attracts a lot of investment due to its significant annual economic growth, government incentives, low taxes and little red tape.

The country stands out as the most populous democracy in the world, and despite having a global mentality for business and high investment rates, the second largest population in the world presents serious social problems, such as the caste system, which prevents Indians from having a better quality of life. There is also corruption, social inequality, religious and border disputes. All of these factors contribute to the fact that despite high investments and growth, India is a country marked by social inequality and extreme poverty for a large part of the population, which configures little access to consumer goods for most Indians.


Which of the following makes decisions about interest rates and the growth of the money supply


It would have to be money


Federal Open Market Committee


got it right on the test


Imagine you are looking for a job as a interior decorator. Describe four specific ways that you could look for job leads.


You can do searches on the computer for interior designers and find out if any business is hiring.

The newspaper is still a viable source and you could put an ad up.

You may want to hook up with someone in real estate, who may need interior design.

Create a portfolio that can show what you can do. Ask some friends if they'd let you do some creativity in their living space.

Answer: above

Shoutout to: @SusanPcola


You can talk to family or friends to see if they need any work done. You can research online for job openings. You can ask around in different areas to see if different stores need help. You can create a website and promote it.

At the present time, funds are limited for calvet program mortgage loans. a decision must be made to give one veteran a loan over another. veteran a has been in the military service for 20 years and is a four-time decorated hero. he wants to buy an oregon farm with the loan. veteran b has been in the military four years. he lost his right leg in a battle in afghanistan. he wants to buy a small home in las vegas for himself and his mother, who will live with him. which veteran will they choose and why?


The veteran chosen would probably be Veteran B. Veteran A seems like he has been doing well for himself financially, and additional funds would only help to enrich him further. Veteran B has a more immediate need for the money: to buy a house large enough for him and his mother, who is probably the caretaker due to his severe injury.

Each month, renaldo earns a commission of 10.5% of his total sales for the month, plus a flat salary of $2,500. if renaldo earns $3,025 in a certain month, what were his total sales? (disregard the $ sign when entering your answer.)


The total sales for certain month in which Renaldo earns  $3,025 is $5000.

What is Sales?

Sales refers to the selling of the certain product to the customers and the money earned from it. A sale is a deal in which two or more parties exchange money for the buyer receiving tangible or intangible products, services, or assets.

A sales commission is a payment made to an employee after they successfully complete a task, typically selling a predetermined volume of goods or services.

Sales commissions are a common incentive used by employers to boost employee productivity. A commission can be paid instead of or in addition to a salary.

The total sales for the month is calculated as below :-

Let S be his total sales.

From this he gets a commission of 10.5% which is .105S

With this and flat salary he earned $3025, which is

.105S + 2500 = 3025

.105S = 525

S = $5000 was his sales for the month

Therefore, it can be concluded that Renaldo makes $3,025 in sales for a certain month, which results in $5000 in total sales.

Learn more about sales here:


Renaldo would earn 2817.63. You take the $ of sales and multiply it by the commissions percentage, then add the number you get with the flat salary to get his total $ earned that month.

Last year, a toy manufacturer introduced a new toy truck that was a huge success. The company invested $2.50 million in a plastic injection molding machine (which can be sold for $2 million immediately) and $300,000 in plastic injection molds specifically for the toy (not valuable to anyone else). The cost of labor and materials necessary to make each truck runs about $10. This year, a competitor has developed a similar toy, significantly reducing demand for the toy truck. Now, the original manufacturer is deciding whether it should continue production of the toy truck. If the estimated demand is 100,000 trucks, the break-even price is $ per truck.



P= 18


Giving the following information:

Fixed costs= 2,500,000 + 300,000= 2,800,000

Variable costs= 10 per unit

Estimated demand= 100,000 units

Break-even point= fixed costs/(P - variable cost)

100,000= 2800000/(P - 10)

100000*(P - 10)= 2,800,000

100000*P - 1,000,000= 2,800,000


P= 18

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