Which of the following is presented to IB students following the successful completion of their studies?. . A Both high school and college credit . B An IB diploma . C College credit . D An IB scholarship


Answer 1
Answer: B. An IB diploma is presented to IB students following the successful completion of their studies.
When you finish a college or a course in something, you are presented with a diploma to prove it.
Answer 2
Answer: The correct answer among all the other choices is B. An IB diploma. This is presented to IB students following the successful completion of their studies. Thank you for posting your question. I hope that this answer helped you. Let me know if you need more help. 

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Posa Hotels, Inc.,.has a sixth night free policy. Every sixth night a guest stays at the hotel is free. Because not all guests stay enough nights to earn a free stay, on average the number of free nights redeemed is 70% ofthe maximum possible number offree nights available one obtains by dividing the total number of paid nights the hotel has had by 5. Rooms at Posa Hotels cost $300 per night In 2019, Posa had a total of 100,000 paid room-nights and collected a total of $30 million from customers. Also in 2019, customers redeemed a total of 10,000 free room-nights. Some of the room-nights awarded were based on customers paid nights from previous years and some were based on paid nights from the current year. Required Prepare journal entries to record revenue for 2019 for Posa. (If no entry is required for a particuler transaction, select "No journal entry required" in the first account field. Do not round intermediate calculetions. Round your answers to the nearest whole dollar amount.) View transaction list Journal entry worksheet Prepare the entry to record the revenue recognized for the nights paid by Note: Enter debits before credits. Transaction General Journal Debit Credit





Dr Cash 30,000,000

    Cr Gift liability 4,200,000

    Cr Sales revenue 25,800,000


Dr Gift liablity 3,000,000

    Cr Sales revenue 3,000,000

[redemption of free nights]


Percentage of one free night redeemed over total paid nights = 14%[70%/5]

Revenue earned in 2019 = 30,000,000

Gift liability in 2019 = 4,200,000 [14%*30,000,000]

Sales revenue = 25,800,000[30,000,000 - 4,200,000]

Number of free nights redeemed = 10,000

Liability decrease due to redemption of free nights = 3 million [10,000*300]


Paradise Corporation budgets on an annual basis for its fiscal year. The following beginning and ending inventory levels (in units) are planned for next year. Beginning Inventory Ending Inventory Raw material* 47,000 57,000 Finished goods 87,000 57,000 * Three pounds of raw material are needed to produce each unit of finished product. If Paradise Corporation plans to sell 515,000 units during next year, the number of units it would have to manufacture during the year would be: Multiple Choice 485,000 units
515,000 units
545,000 units
468,000 units



485,000 units


The computation of the number of units manufactured is shown below:

= Number of units sold + ending finished goods units - beginning finished goods units

= 515,000 units + 87,000 units - 57,000 units

= 485,000 units

Basically we added the ending finished goods units and deduct the beginning finished goods units to the number of units sold                      


Dove, Inc., had additions to retained earnings for the year just ended of $634,000. The firm paid out $85,000 in cash dividends, and it has ending total equity of $7.29 million. a. If the company currently has 660,000 shares of common stock outstanding, what are earnings per share? Dividends per share? What is book value per share? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your answers to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.) b. If the stock currently sells for $29.90 per share, what is the market-to-book ratio? The price-earnings ratio? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your answers to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.) c. If total sales were $10.59 million, what is the price-sales ratio? (Do not round intermediate calculations and round your answer to 2 decimal places, e.g., 32.16.)



A. The earnings per share is $1.09 per share

The Dividends per share is  $0.13 per share

The book value per share is $11.04 per share

B. The market-to-book ratio is 2.71 times

The price-earnings ratio is 27.43 times

C. The price-sales ratio is 1.81 times


(A) Earning per share = (Net income) ÷ (Number of shares)


Net income = Retained earnings + dividend paid

= $634,000 + $85,000

= $719,000

And, the number of shares are 660,000 shares

Now put these values to the above formula  

So, the value would equal to

= ($719,000) ÷ (660,000 shares)

= $1.09 per share

Dividend per share = (Total dividend) ÷ (number of shares)

= ($85,000) ÷ (660,000 shares)

= $0.13 per share

Book value per share = (Total equity) ÷ (number of shares)

= $7,290,000 ÷ (660,000 shares)

= $11.04 per share

(B) Market to book ratio = (Market price per share) ÷ (book value per share)

= $29.90 ÷ $11.04

= 2.71 times

Price-earnings ratio = (Market price per share) ÷ (Earning per share)

= $29.90 ÷ $1.09

= 27.43 times

(C) Price sales ratio = (Market price per share) ÷ (Total sales per share)


Total sales per share = (total sales) ÷ (Number of shares)

= (10,590,000) ÷ (660,000 shares)

= $16.04 per share

So, the price sales ratio = $29.90 ÷ $16.04

= 1.81 times


Eric is admitted to a hospital to undergo a surgery for hernia. he is unable to discern the expertise of his surgeon before the surgery nor evaluate the quality of the service after the surgery. in this case, the expertise of eric's surgeon is an example of a(n) _____.


The answer to the blank space is credence attribute. Credence attribute refers to how a good or service cannot be evaluated by consumers even after using it – even though the consumers feels the perceived value.

In the example of the question, Eric clearly doesn’t quite understand the expertise of the surgeon and is unable to evaluate it but nevertheless he benefits from it through his hernia surgery.


Credence attribute


Credence attribute refers to situations in which a customer cannot personally evaluate the quality or expertise of a particular person who provides a good or service prior to obtaining it. This means that a person cannot see with his own eyes, before purchase or consumption, whether a person is adequate for the job that he is required to do or the good he is required to produce. Therefore, the customer has to believe in his reputation or his claims of expertise. This is the case with Eric, who is unable to discern whether his surgeon is good or not at what he does.


A(n) _____________ questionnaire measures what it was intended to measure in the population being assessed.


The answer in the space provided is the valid questionnaire. It is because a valid questionnaire is a type of questionnaire in which it measures   a particular quantity, group or a particular thing that is related to their research. This type of questionnaire enables to promote the validity and reliability. It could be seen above that it is considered to be a valid questionnaire as it tries to measure something that is related to their research in which they will measure the population.

Small business owner Jay Goltz described several decisions he made to reduce the fixed costs of his businesses, including replacing halogen lamps with LED lamps. Goltz noted, "I'm guessing that many business owners could save a lot more than pennies on their fixed costs, and those savings ... fall right to the bottom line." a. Why are the costs of electricity used to power the lights used in Mr. Goltz's businesses fixed costs?
b. Explain why Goltz wrote that reducing fixed costs results in savings that "fall right to the bottom line."



A) Electricity costs are considered fixed costs because the company must pay them regardless of the volume of output. The cost of electricity varies from month to month since the consumption level is not always exactly the same, e.g. one day you turn on your computer 10 minutes earlier and your electric bill will increase a few cents. But generally speaking, the electric bill varies very little and it is fairly constant around certain average level.

B) A business's bottom line is net profits, and net profits are calculated by subtracting fixed costs and variable costs from total revenue (and taxes of course). If the fixed costs decrease, your net profit will increase.


At a college production of a​ play, 490 tickets were sold. the ticket prices were​ $8, $10, and​ $12, and the total income from ticket sales was ​$4640. how many tickets of each type were sold if the combined number of​ $8 and​ $10 tickets sold was 6 times the number of​ $12 tickets​ sold?



  • number of 12 dollar tickets = 70
  • number of 10 dollar tickets = 220
  • number of 8 dollar tickets = 200



  • Let the 8 dollar ticket number   = x1
  • Let the 10 dollar ticket number = x2
  • Let the 12 dollar ticket number = x3


  • x1 + x2 + x3 = 490
  • (x1 + x2) = 6*x3
  • x1*8 + x2*10 * x3*12 = 4640


You can get x3 right away.

x1 + x2 + x3 = 490         Substitute 6*x3 for x1 + x2

6*x3 + x3 = 490             Combine

7*x3 = 490                     Divide by 7

7*x3/7 = 490/7               Do the division

x3 = 70                           Answer x3


x1 + x2 + 70 = 490         Let x3 = 70    

x1 + x2+70-70=490-70  Subtract 70  

x1 + x2 = 420                  


8x1 + 10x2 + 12x3 = 4640       Use the third equation to get an amount for x1,x2

8x1 + 10x2 + 12*70 = 4640

8x1 + 10x2 + 840 = 4640        Subtract 840  

8x1 + 10x2 = 4640 - 840         Combine  

8x1 + 10x2 = 3800  


8x1 + 8x2 = 420*8

8x1 + 8x2 = 3360


8x1 + 10x2 = 3800

8x1 + 8x2 =  3360                   Subtract

2*x2 = 440

2*x2/2 = 440/2

x2 = 220


x1 + x2 + x3 = 490

x1 + 220 + 70 = 490

x1 + 290 = 490

x1 = 200


Your firm has decided to enter the international market with your product called "Trema," a new pocket organizer that can also be used as a cell phone. While discussing marketing plans, your CMO decides that no changes will be necessary in either the marketing mix or the product for export. What form of marketing strategy is the CMO advocating?


Answer: standardized marketing strategy

Explanation:Standardization marketing strategy is typically applied to discussion of global businesses and means to market a solution with uniform consistency throughout the marketing mix. This is an opposite approach to an adaptation strategy, under which multinational companies differentiate their product and adapt it to fit the unique needs of countries.major point about a standardization marketing strategy is that organizations can choose to standardize all aspects of the product experience, or they can standardize component of the product or marketing. Standardizing the whole product experience includes product uniformity, customer service, product support, marketing, pricing and distribution. This is a standardized marketing mix. The general definition of global standardization is the ability to use standard marketing internationally. In other words, it's the ability for a company or business to use the same marketing strategy from one country to the next, and across various cultures.


standardized marketing strategy



Optimize network of suppliers, plants, and distribution centers is an outcome of the _______________ scm function.


The answer is supply chain design
supply chain design refers to company structures that created to ensure proper balance within manufacturing (which being done within the plantations) , inventory (which stored toward the suppliers) , and transportation cost (which handled by the distribution centers)
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