What impact did technological advances have on industry?


Answer 1
Answer: I would say for one made things easier to track,update etc.their were improvementions in society

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Kate is a customer care executive at a telecommunications service provider. She receives a complaint from a customer about an unnecessary $10 charge on his phone bill. If the company follows the customer service management process, Kate is most likely to:


Answer: Provide a quick response to the customer using customer care software    


Explanation: In simple words, customer service management process refers to the process under which an organisation implements a framework for interacting with customer so that they can have positive experience with the company.

These systems are usually used by companies to retain their customer base for the continuous effectiveness in the business. Hence following the protocol, Kate should quickly respond to the problem of customer.


What are some ways to make money through investing in real estate.


There are a few ways that you can make money in real estate:

If you own a house, hotel, mobile home, or land that is unused, charge people rent to use your facility/property. 

Why not start a car wash, convenience store, or a retail store? That's extra income that you have access to!

You can easily flip a house by buying any old/run-down house and upgrading it. A profit is almost guaranteed. 

What effect does the comma style format have on the selected cells in excel?


It causes the cells to display with two decimal points and commas as thousands separators. 

The major difference between the indirect and the direct method of a statement of cash flows appears in which the following activities section(s)? A. The investing activities and financing activities sections.
B. The investing activities section only.
C. The operating activities and financing activities sections.
D. The operating activities section only.


Answer: Option D


Explanation: In simple words, operating activities refers to the  activities that are related to the core operation of the business.

While preparing cash flow statement from the method, the accountant records the inflow and outflow of the activities directly, however, in case of applying the indirect method the accountant takes the accrual basis to cash basis accounting transactions into consideration.

While preparing cash flow statement other two sections are prepared in a same way in which all the inflows and outflows are recorded directly.

   Thus, from the above we can conclude that the correct option is D.


Hector is a supervisor in a small automotive shop. He spends a lot of his time training some workers, while helping others solve some of the problems they have in doing their jobs. He also runs the diagnostic machine. Harry spends time on ________ skills. a) staffing skills.
b) human relations skills.
c) conceptual skills.
d) technical skills.



The correct answer is d) technical skills.


Technical or hard skills are those that serve to perform a specific function and that are developed through training, education or training.

While there is no single technical skill that defines a good professional, there will always be one or more that is valued in a selection process.

According to several experts on recruitment issues, these could be some examples of technical skills best valued by the recruiters when hiring.

  1. Basic computer knowledge (Office tools).
  2. Management of database software (Excel).
  3. Use of programs to make graphic presentations (Power Point).
  4. Title or specific training for a specific job.
  5. Accounting management
  6. Knowledge in transcription and shorthand.
  7. Persuasive writing techniques.
  8. Basic knowledge of sector regulation.
  9. Management of digital tools for analysis and community management.
  10. Basic graphic design techniques (Photoshop or Illustrator).
  11. Use of software for web positioning such as Google Analytics.
  12. Knowledge of languages.

An automobile company assembles cars in a plant and purchases batteries from a vendor in china. the average cost of each battery is $45. the automobile company takes ownership of the batteries when they arrive at the plant. it takes exactly 12 hours to make a car in the plant and the plant assembles 200 cars per 8-hour shift (currently the plant operates one shift per day). each car uses one battery. the company holds on average 8,000 batteries in raw material inventory at the plant as a buffer.


There are three questions in this problem:

First, what is the total number of batteries in the plant for both work in process and raw materials inventory.

Second, how much are the batteries worth?

And lastly, how many days of supply are held in the raw material inventories on average?


1. So we know that there are two inventories namely work-in-process and raw material.

For the work-in-process, Little’s law can be straightly applied to look for the amount ofwork-in-process inventory:

Little’s law is Inventory = Throughput × Flow time


Throughput is the production rate of the plant which is 200 cars per 8-hour shift or 25 cars per hour.

Since we use one battery per car, our throughput rate for the batteries is 25 per hour.

Flow time is 12 hours, so the work-in-process is:

Work-in-process inventory = 25 batteries per hour × 12 hours = 300 batteries


Given from the problem that there are 8,000 batteries in raw materials inventory;

so the total number of batteries in the pipeline on average is computed by:

Total inventory = 8,000 + 300 = 8,300 batteries


2. The worth of this batteries is computed by 8,300 × $45 = $373,500.


3. Remember, that the days of supply in raw material inventory is always the same to the “Flow time” for a battery in raw material inventory.

At this point, we need to assume that the batteries are used in the similar order when they reach the plant. So we need to reorder our Little’s law formula to:

Flow time = Inventory/Throughput

Therefore, flow time = 8,000 batteries / (200 batteries/day) = 40 days

This represents a 40-day supply of inventory.


Geraldine was injured in a car accident, and the insurance company has offered her the choice of $25,000 per year for 15 years, with the first payment being made today, or a lump sum. If a fair return is 7.5%, how large must the lump sum be to leave her as well off financially as with the annuity




Present value of annuity due = (1+interest rate)*Annuity[1-(1+interest rate)^ -time period]/rate





Of the 4,092 pedestrian fatalities nationwide in 2009, __________ were Floridians. A. 2% B. 11% C. 19% D. 22%


Of the 4,092 pedestrian fatalities nationwide in 2009, 11% of them were Floridians
In 2009, Florida has around 466 pedestrian fatalities, the second highest in United States.  The most common cause for this huge numbers is mostly related to alcohol abuse among drivers

Alicia has been keeping money in her room that she has earned from babysitting. What should Alicia do with this money?


She should save it and put it towards college

She should save it up for the future.

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